Welcome to Smart and Scrumptious!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.  My goal with Smart and Scrumptious is to provide readers with delicious, easy, quick, and clean recipes to enjoy.  Those of you that have tried eating clean know that your body is happier and you feel much better when you do.

Why Smart and Scrumptious?

I started the Smart and Scrumptious blog to share clean and healthy recipes that are delicious, quick and easy for the readers to make.  I know that eating clean consistently can be difficult, mostly because of the time involved to meal prep.  So Smart and Scrumptious is here to help you get your time back so you can maintain a healthy lifestyle with out spending hours in the kitchen.

I also try to provide local shopping information on pricing, and easy ways to search for other recipes so that you can utilize all the produce you purchase before it spoils.  Clean eating can be frustrating because not only is it expensive, but since you’re using foods that don’t contain preservatives, the food tends to spoil faster.  One of my goals with Smart and Scrumptious is to alleviate your wallet and help you get the most out of your healthy ingredients.

Getting Started

I try to utilize recipes that are in season.  Please try some of Smart and Scrumptious’s most popular posts first to get you started.

Need other recipes to finish off your ingredients?  Simply just type an ingredient in the search bar and recipe suggestions should pop up for you.

A Little About Me

In addition to having a love and passion for food, I also enjoy working out with my friends from Camp Gladiator, and doing just about anything outside.

What turned me on to clean eating?

My Original Food Philosophy

I have always loved everything about food (growing it in my garden, preparing it, and sharing it with family and friends).  So before ever knowing what eating clean was, my food philosophy was to always work out as hard as I could so that I wouldn’t have to worry about what I ate.

Initial Introduction to Clean Eating

Several years ago I remember having a conversation with my dad and step-mom at the kitchen table.  They were sharing with me their next battle plan to conquer my step mom’s cancer.  They told me about their research into nutraceuticals, and how a lot of cancer patients have had great results eating a diet of clean foods that supported their DNA.  Not being familiar with nutraceuticals, they told me about how they are nutrients that your body uses to prevent and fight chronic diseases, delay aging, and increase life expectancy.  Nutraceuticals can be found in dietary supplements and in the food that you eat.  Food that is clean, in other words, food that isn’t processed, that doesn’t contain preservatives, or altered with hormones or chemical pesticides.  At the time I thought that this was an interesting concept but didn’t look into it any further.

My Wake Up Call

Months to about a year after this conversation, around September 2014 I was diagnosed with stage 1 cervical cancer.  I was shocked.  Please know that I realize how lucky and blessed I was to only have a stage 1 diagnosis, when there are so many many people out there that are struggling to overcome much more serious conditions.  However, the day my Dr. shared this diagnosis with me, definitely scared me and got my attention.  After losing 2 of my great uncles to cancer, and watching my step mother consistently fight cancer for most of my childhood, I knew I needed to take this seriously and that cancer isn’t something to take lightly.

Was my cancer caused by my eating habits?  No.  But this experience made me think back to the above conversation I had with my dad and stepmom.  There is definitely more involved in a healthy lifestyle than just working out regularly.  I needed to start paying attention to what I was fueling my body with.  So I decided to give clean eating a try.

My Clean Eating Journey

A month after changing my eating habits I noticed a definite change in my energy levels, work outs weren’t as difficult, and my physical appearance was showing improvements as well.  Unfortunately I found it very difficult to maintain this diet consistently.  At the time I was working 3 jobs, so spare time wasn’t something I had a lot of, and when I wasn’t working I really didn’t want to spend all my free time meal prepping and washing dishes.  My produce would spoil, because I would put off cooking.  My food budget started increasing because I was buying food to replace the food that had spoiled and I was buying quick meals from restaurants and grocery stores that were close to work since I was procrastinating with my meal prepping.

Finally I thought that there had to be a better and easier way to eat clean.  I searched bookstores, pinterest, and magazines for a diet book or a cook book that offered clean recipes to prepare in 30min or less.  I couldn’t find anything that offered only this, but I did find a few recipes to use here and there within all the resources that I was searching.  This is what made me decide to create Smart and Scrumptious.  Smart and Scrumptious is here to share simple quick, easy and delicious recipes for everyone to meal prep and enjoy, without giving up their day off.

Final Thoughts

I hope you find Smart and Scrumptious a great resource, and that you try and enjoy the recipes that I share here.  If you are enjoying Smart and Scrumptious please sign up for my email list so that I can send you our monthly newsletter.  Also feel free to follow me on Instagram @psugirl212 or on Pinterest.